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At Beau Monde we use Janesce skin care products, which are created exclusively from plants - herbs and flowers

"Scientist have started to identify what may be hundreds - even thousands - of natural chemicals in plants that have preventative powers"
Pure, Powerful, Active


"Beauty of the face cannot be achieved without a feeling of well being, a healthy body and inner harmony"

The therapeutic value of plants has been known for centuries. Many of the powerful pharmaceuticals we use today have been modeled on the active elements found in medicinal herbs and flowers. For may hundreds of years plants formed the basis of our skin care products and not until the industrial revolution did the use of cheap synthetics and mineral oils become popular.

In recent years there has been resurgence of interest in therapeutic plants, spurred on by validation of their benefits by modern research. Benefits that were previously only folklore have now been scientifically confirmed and some new attributes discovered. combine this with the fact that these plant actives are quickly, easily absorbed by our skin, and recognised and safely utilised by our cells; you can see why plants are the first choice for Janesce.
Bestow Oil
Bestow Berry

To ensure the skin-loving herbs and flowers that make up the Janesce range remains free of harmful pesticides and additives, they are grown organically on Claret Ash Farm, a property located in a very unpolluted area of South Australia, high in the Adelaide hills

The dry conditions and high sunshine hours common in this part of Australia produce herbs and flowers with a high level of actives. The soil is nourished to ensure the plants contain all the nutrients required to treat the skin. To further ensure the effectiveness of the Janesce range, the whole plant infusion is used, capturing both the water and oil soluble properties of the plant for a more complete action.

Our skin is a most incredible and complex organ. It is our first line of defense and vital to our continued existence. Our bodies have developed many methods of protecting and maintaining our skin. At Beau Monde we feel it is vital that we understand and work with the skin rather than against it.

Janice Smith, the creator of Janesce, is a naturopath not a biochemist. Her goal is to formulate products that encourage healthy, beautiful skin. Some of her creams vary in colour depending on the harvest, some of them separate because she has eliminated synthetic stablilizers. Janice studies skin, not chemical formulations.

In contrast to many skin care ranges, Janesce is formulated to work with the skin’s natural protective mechanisms. It is created to maintain, harmonize and enhance the skin’s protective layer – the acid mantle – by tuning into the natural functions of the skin.

Aggressive cleansing and exfoliating methods can create congested, irritated or sensitized skin conditions. Deprived of its normal protective mechanisms the skin becomes vulnerable and weakened. The gentle, natural approach of Janesce is able to prevent and correct these imbalances.
Citrus Fruits
Green Tea

Besides caring for our skin from the outside, we can treat our skin as part of our body as it is essentially created and nourished from the inside. Just as a wound heals from within, so to must we work from within to create a beautiful skin.

Often we do not consider that the food we choose to eat or the health of our bodies has any influence on the condition of our skin. Lifestyle and eating habits are directly reflected in our skin’s health and appearance.

Janesce provides menu suggestions to promote skin health and beauty. Certain “skin foods” are packed with nutrients to support skin health and prevent premature aging. Adding a nutritional aspect to your skin care regime is both simple and straightforward.

"Beauty of the face cannot be achieved without a feeling of well being, a healthy body and inner harmony"

For thousands of years, through generation after generation, the secrets of beauty were bestowed upon women by women. Mother and grandmothers passed down the ultimate wisdom: how to unlock nature's gifts to nourish, heal and enrich.

In recent years, much of that knowledge has been lost. Many women have turned to big brands and science for answers rather than their mothers, grandmothers or Mother Nature.

Bestow is about rediscovering nature's age-old secrets and sharing them with women. It's about imparting knowledge, enriching beauty and endowing confidence. Simply put, its about beauty gifted by nature.
Bestow Tea 1
Bestow Tea 2

Esmi Skin Minerals

ESMI is an Australian owned and made product range catering exclusively to feeding the skin all the very best in vitamins and nutrients.
Esmi Skin Minerals
Having suffered from problem skin and pigmentation, we couldn’t find a locally made mineral and vegan skincare/makeup line that gave the desired end result such as great coverage without compromising skin health. Identifying an opportunity in the market, they developed the first ever treatment foundation range (a makeup that feeds the skin with nutrients whilst you wear it during the day), a high coverage liquid mineral foundation, a medium coverage powder foundation and 3 skin treats to feed the skin daily! All vegan and mineral. Since then, they have continued to expand their range introducing: BB Cream, translucent powder and 3 more skin treats!

Coverage, colour, cruelty free, sun protection and treatment were the crucial considerations throughout the developmental phase of each product, taking nearly 2 years of full-time trial and testing the liquid foundation in the esmi range was launched and has been adored by many already, the powder has been wonderfully received and their Skin Treats promise to have a similar outcome.

esmi customers go out of their way to send them beautiful images of themselves wearing esmi, messages of love and feedback on how esmi has changed their skin and boosted their confidence. "For us, that is the best feeling in the world! It inspires us to work on new products that we feel our customers will find beneficial to them keeping the quality and standard to the utmost of importance."